Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Baby Sussex facts

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are due to welcome their first child together any moment now, but before we rejoice in the birth of baby Sussex, HOLA! USA is here to help you brush up on a few fun facts regarding the future royal baby. As of now, we know that a) he or she will likely not have the traditional photo opp in front of the hospital when born, and b) he or she will definitely be living in Frogmore Cottage. Want more info on the future member of the British royal family? Keep scrolling!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first child might not receive the prince or princess title

1. Baby Sussex might not be a prince or a princess

First things first: you might think baby Sussex will follow in Prince William and Kate Middleton's children's footsteps and be a little prince or a little princess, but that won't happen unless Queen Elizabeth steps in and grants the title herself. According to a rule created by Prince George V, only the eldest grandson (in this case, Prince George) gets that privilege. Baby Sussex will be seventh in line to the throne, and thus, is too far removed from the line of succession to be granted that title. However, that can change if Her Majesty wishes. She gave Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis titles, but it all really depends on whether the Duke and Duchess want to give their baby a royal title. The couple reportedly don't care too much about titles and want to live "a quiet life."

2. Baby Sussex will be eligible for a dual citizenship

Meghan might be the Duchess of Sussex now, but she is still an American citizen and because of that fact—having a parent (Meghan) that has lived in the United States for more than five years—baby Sussex will be eligible for a U.S. or dual citizenship. Still, it's also likely that the royal baby will remain a British citizen, but the royal mom-to-be will surely want to raise her child knowing about her home country's culture. 

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3. Baby Sussex will have a traditional christening

Fun fact! The only way baby Sussex will be eligible to take his or her place in the line of succession to the throne is by receving the traiditonal christening. Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are choosing to break from royal tradition regarding the birth of the baby, the royal christening is one thing they will still likely partake in. Like Prince Harry's christening, baby Sussex will wear a lace and satin robe similar to the one Prince Harry was christened in and Prince Charles before him. Also, the Queen will likely make an appearance at the special ceremony seeing as baby Sussex is Prince Harry's first child. 

4. Baby Sussex will have the first royal home birth in decades

Unlike Kate Middleton and the late Princess Diana, Meghan is potentially planning on having a home birth at Frogmore Cottage. If that's the case, it will be the first time in decades that a royal chooses to do this. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had her four children in the royal residences and before her Queen Victoria did the same. The Duchess of Sussex choosing to have a home birth could bring back this royal tradition.

If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex choose to have a home birth, it will be the first royal home birth in decades

5. Baby Sussex could be named Allegra

It's highly likely that Prince Harry and Meghan will want to choose a distinct name for their first child, and the current frontrunner is Allegra. According to sources the name is inspired by Prince Harry's late mother, who reportedly considered the name if she had had a baby girl.  

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