Jessica Mulroney and Meghan Markle

Jessica Mulroney (aka Meghan Markle's best friend, aka one of the girls that pitched in for that royal $200,000 baby shower) just gave her first interview since she attended the royal wedding last May. Speaking to, the Canadian fashion designer spoke about her style, her new gig at Good Morning America and gave advice for all moms out there—advice that the Duchess of Sussex will surely take once Baby Sussex finally arrives. 

Meghan Markle's best friend Jessica Mulroney gave advice to all moms during her interview with Photo:

The Canadian stylist has three children—Isabel, Brian and John—who may or may not be obsessed with the game Fortnite and who are already definitely Insta-famous (see feed here!) “There's this misconception that I have a life, she said.  "My life is work and family.”

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As for balancing work and family life, the beginning can be difficult for new moms. “Even when you work from home, getting yourself dressed is the first step," she explained. "I often find there are days where I’ll be in my pajamas all day. I feel like a useless human being.” 

Her advice? Get 👏🏼 dressed 👏🏼. “It's all about getting dressed in the morning. It's not going to be a runway outfit, but making sure you do something. Don't be in Lululemon every day,” she shared. And always always make time for your girlfriends. “To be a good mom you have to step away from it for a minute," she said. "Whether that's getting out of the mom outfit or hanging out with your girlfriends—and not just your mom group friends—hanging out with other women.” 

Besides giving her bff Meghan some style pointers, Jessica will probably also let her in on some mommy tips once baby Sussex arrives, especially with all of the engagements and duties the Duchess of Sussex has to attend after her maternity leave. 

According to the Canadian fashion stylist, all moms should "step away from it for a minute" and make time to hangout with friends

In case you didn't know, Jessica's three children were also part of Meghan and Prince Harry's bridal party last May, so they're ~extremely~ close.

Jessica's three children—Isabel, Brian and John—were part of Meghan and Harry's bridal party for their royal wedding last May

In other royal news, Prince Harry and Meghan's potential maternity leave plans sound like an absolute dream come true. 

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