What is Reiki? Everything you should know before trying the ancient practice

This is your sign to try Reiki

You’ve probably heard the word “Reiki” before, but there are misconceptions surrounding its practice and efficacy. The ancient practice with roots in Japan is more than 2500 years old. Millions of people have found comfort, relaxation, and healing through these practices. HOLA! Had the opportunity to talk to Jaime Camil’s Reiki master, Kevin Ackad, who has been in practice for 15 years. “As a Reiki practitioner, it is my duty to help remove blocks, restore your vibration, and transfuse NEW, revitalizing energy into your field,” he says. While Reiki is not a replacement treatment for medical issues, if you’ve been curious about the complimentary therapy, here’s everything you need to know about Reiki.


What is the EASIEST way to describe what Reiki is and how it works?

Ackad told us, that the easiest way he would describe Reiki is “like a blood transfusion but for your energy. ” “Every human has a Bio-Electric Field (Aura) that extends outside their body in every direction and is constantly flowing in and around our bodies. Imagine yourself in the core of a human-sized apple. That apple, from the flesh to the skin, is your personal energy field. Your personal energy field is influenced by so many things, including other peoples’ energy fields, the fields of electronics, microwaves, high EMF frequencies, lights, traffic, jobs, and noise - but the greatest influence on your energy field is your emotions,” he said.

Ackad tells us, that if you don’t heal insecurities and feelings like shame, guilt, blame, or unworthiness, “life will trigger them, and they will pile up, blocking the proper flow of your energy.” As it builds, “it can manifest as anything from mood fluctuations, lethargy, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, and autoimmune disorders, to mental/emotional or physical disease.”


Who would benefit most from a Reiki Healing session?

As cliche as it may sound, Ackad thinks everyone could benefit from the practice. “Anyone who could use a bit more balance, clarity, healing, or loving attention. The key is to find a skilled, experienced practitioner with whom you can feel comfortable enough to fully let go and even fall asleep,” he said. “The more you experience Reiki, the more you will come to know that you are so much more than just your body, your mind, and the baggage that comes with them. You expand and the less you are affected by the physical world’s distractions. Your perception of reality begins to shift to a more magical, energetic, and synchronistic experience.”

How often should people receive Reiki? Is it different for different people?

This really depends on each individual’s goals, he tells us. “I have clients who are physically ill (cancer, autoimmune disorders) that I see more frequently than say, someone who needs assistance with non-life-threatening life circumstances,” he says. “If you are not healing an illness, a good rule of thumb is to take at least two weeks off between sessions so that you can integrate what you received and see what changes in you and your environment. You can then reevaluate your goals for subsequent session(s) and use momentum to create even greater shifts in shorter amounts of time.”

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What is Angelic Reiki Healing and is it different from regular Reiki?

“Angelic Reiki Healing is just what I call my version of Reiki. Over the past 15 years, I have come to know that there are many angels present in each session. Not only the guardian angels of the client but also archangels and other healing angels and masters,” Ackad says.


What do many people experience during and after an Angelic Reiki Healing Session?

Not everyone will have the same experience, but the key is to be open. You can experience, “Everything and nothing at all,” he says. “Come without any expectations and you will receive exactly what your soul needs. The more you let go of your mind, the more you and the deeper you will receive.” That’s why it’s important to find a skilled practitioner with whom you can feel comfortable, he says.

“During sessions, experiences have ranged from tears and laughter to angel visits and visits from deceased loved ones, miraculous physical healings to complete out-of-body experiences, levitation, and so much more. If I told you everything that has happened in my studios, you wouldn’t even believe me, so I’ll stop there for now,” the Reiki master shares.

What will happen after the session?

“Immediately after the session, it is quite common to feel ungrounded, from the high energy,” Ackad says. “You may feel energized, you may feel tired, or you may just feel light, calm & peaceful. It really depends on what your energy needs to feel balanced and what your angels and guides have in store for you.”

“In the weeks following a session, a client is bound to experience many life-changing events. Some examples are people who have moved to another country, found their life purpose, left toxic relationships, started loving marriages, got pregnant, and changed careers,” he said. “So many things are bound to change if your heart is open, I always just tell my clients to remember that everything is energy and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. The key is to BE OPEN. It’s okay to be a skeptic, but be a healthy one!”

What makes Reiki, an ancient practice, relevant today?

Sure it’s over 2500 years old, but Ackad says we may need it more now than ever. “While the modern world is fun and exciting, it has thrown us off balance within ourselves as well as with nature. Reiki is all about bringing balance, harmony, and healing, and if you haven’t noticed, the world could use all three right now,” Ackad says.

“The more you receive and/or practice Reiki (or any other energy healing modality), the less and less you identify with this world as merely physical parts. You can begin to transcend the physical and see the energetic connectedness of everything, leading to an even deeper connection with yourself and others.”

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