Pet of the week: Meet Layla, the pup who looks ‘exactly like Will Ferrell’

“I just laughed a little bit and pulled up a picture and was like oh my goodness she really does.”

This adorable goldendoodle went viral for a hilarious reason. Layla’s owner, Thomas Green, decided to share a photo of his dog on social media after someone pointed out that Layla had a certain resemblance to Hollywood star and comedian Will Ferrell.

The cute pup posed for a photo while the pair were spending some quality time together driving around. However, Layla and Thomas, who are based in Houston, Texas, had no idea she would be going viral, with many online users immediately seeing the resemblance and having a good laugh after seeing the pup’s human eyes and serious face.


“Someone said my dog looks like Will Ferrell and I can’t unsee it now,” Thomas wrote on social media, gaining thousands of likes and comments in no time, with many others sharing photos of their pets, who share human-like aspects.

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“It was actually a dear friend of mine who said that Layla looked like Will Ferrell. I just laughed a little bit and pulled up a picture and was like oh my goodness she really does. It was a really good laugh, honestly,” Thomas added, without ever thinking his post would gain that much attention from other users.

The aspiring musician also realized that people had mixed reactions to Layla’s aspect, as some others were a little scared of her features. “This particular breed freaks me out because I always see a human face when I look at this type of dog,” one person commented, while someone else mentioned the rest of the pets in the comments. “All the dogs with human eyes in this thread honestly freak me out.”

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