TerrorVision©Hal Schulman
Halloween 2023

Attention ‘TerrorVision’ fans! An immersive 1980s horror experience has arrived at NYC’s Times Square

Audiences will be transported through the screen of a flickering television and into a first-person nightmare of epic proportions

Prepare to step into a spine-tingling world where horror meets the immersive. The iconic Times Square is set to host an electrifying and terrifying experience straight from the depths of the 1980s horror genre.

“TerrorVision - Live Screaming Your Nightmares” is the latest immersive in-your-face horror event, where guests are thrust into the center of their worst nightmares. As the second season of Screams commences on September 13, the stage is set for an opening night of terror on Thursday, September 14, at the fictional “Horrorwood Studios” (300 W. 43rd).

TerrorVision©Hal Schulman

This year’s iteration of TerrorVision promises to redefine the boundaries of live horror attractions. Audiences will be transported through the screen of a flickering television and into a first-person nightmare of epic proportions.

As brave souls venture through the decaying Horrorwood Studios, they are offered a “behind the screams” sneak peek of filming an upcoming TerrorVision Halloween episode. However, things swiftly take a horrifying turn as the screen shatters, and guests find themselves unwillingly cast as the new stars of this gruesome show.

Three tales of terror await them, each materializing as an immersive walk-through haunted house-style experience with ghastly creatures and movie magic special effects.

Inside this nightmare world, guests will encounter rooms filled with snow and wind, towering monstrous figures, and seemingly impossible effects that swirl around them, immersing them fully in the nightmarish experience.

TerrorVision©Hal Schulman

The chilling world of TerrorVision boasts a staggering 140 actors, inhabiting over 20,000 square feet of rooms, passageways, and fright, making it one of the largest theatrical experiences in New York City.

Guests can choose their level of terror:

  • General Admission: This is the standard level of scary, heart-pounding fun.
  • “Chicken” Ticket: Guests can wear a special amulet to become “invisible” to the monsters, perfect for those who want the scares without physical contact.
  • Ultimate Terror: Suited for the bravest souls, this upgrade ensures guests are targeted throughout the experience. A change of underwear is strongly advised for this heart-pounding option.

As the screams echo through the halls of Horrorwood Studios, TerrorVision promises to transport visitors into a world of spine-chilling terror, drawing inspiration from the iconic horror classics of the 1980s. Brace yourself for a journey into the screen, where nightmares come to life, and horror aficionados will meet their darkest fears head-on.

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