Alessandra Martinez creates holiday moments with her family©Macy’s
Holiday fun!

Easy Ways to Share Holiday Cheer and Create Family Memories

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This holiday season Alessandra Martinez is focused on being intentional about creating memories and moments together with her family. The creator of @livin.mivida.ale partnered with Macy’s to share her plans and ideas for a memorable day of holiday family fun.

Create a Cozy and Relaxed Mood

“It’s been our tradition for the past six years to do matching family pajamas for every Christmas,” shares Alessandra.

“ I usually get everybody to wear matching onesies, but this year we went with the Merry Snowflake Matching Pajamas separates. I love the separates option because we still matched, but you can also wear the bottoms as lounge pants. The material from the PJ’s is super soft, kind of like a flannel but light so you’re not going to overheat and they’re still going to keep you warm.”

FAMILY PAJAMAS Merry Snowflake Matching Pajamas, Created for Macy's©Macy’s

Plan For Inclusive Game Time

“We’re a big family, my four kids are all different ages, so we wanted to play games that the littles would like and still be kind of fun for the older kids,” says Alessandra. “We picked the Hungry Hungry Hippos Launchers game from HASBRO GAMING. The kids just love slamming those little hippos down to get the marbles! It’s definitely a great game for the whole family and really keeps the kids entertained.”

HASBRO GAMING Hungry Hungry Hippos Launchers©$credits

“We of course also got the MR. POTATO HEAD Tater Tub Set for the younger kids to play with, they absolutely loved it! I think I’m going to have to pick up one more because the little ones each want their own.”

MR. POTATO HEAD Potato Head Tater Tub Set©$credits

Get Epic Snacks

“The Holiday Moose Munch by HARRY & DAVID is a hit with my kids, they could not stop eating it! It’s really delicious, definitely a great family fun night treat. I love that instead of one big package, the corn is prepackaged in four separate bags. Some packages of corn come as one big package, and it can get stale if you dont eat it all at once. With the Moose Popcorn, you can just open one pack and the rest stays fresh.”

HARRY & DAVID Macy's Holiday Moose Munch 30 Oz Drum©$credits

Hot chocolate is a great drink idea for Family Fun Day because it’s a snack and activity all in one.

The MACY’S CANDY KITCHEN Holiday Cozy Cocoa Caddy has everything you need so that your family members can flavor their serving to their own taste.

MACY'S CANDY KITCHEN Holiday Cozy Cocoa Caddy©$credits

MACY’S CANDY KITCHEN Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Bombs Kit is a fun activity for the kids, and your homemade hot chocolate bombs can be bagged and given as gifts to family and friends.

MACY'S CANDY KITCHEN Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Bombs, 10 oz©$credits

Double-Duty Decorations

Choosing decorations and serveware for your family fun day will pull together your holiday theme with items you can reuse for the season.

“I picked up the clear Forest Green Trees Glass Mugs because they’re really beautiful, very sturdy, and a great price, says Alessandra. “I think they’re great for like having tea, coffee or hot chocolate and they’re clear so you can see the layers of your drink from top to bottom. They look super aesthetic and are great quality!”

TMD HOLDINGS Forest Green Trees Glass Mug, Created for Macy's©$credits

“I decided to serve snacks in these super cute MARTHA STEWART COLLECTION Holiday Holly Cocottes. I mean, they’re adorable! They have a tiny little lid, you can use them for cookies or for serving cake. They’re really beautiful and they’re great for the holidays.”

“The Martha Stewart dishes would also be a great gift for someone who is an avid hostess or maybe someone that’s just moving into their own place, they’re really a great gift idea!”

MARTHA STEWART COLLECTION Holiday 2-Pc. Holly Cocottes, Created for Macy's©$credits

“I picked up a few ornaments from the HOLIDAY LANE Pastel Prism Collection for my new pink Christmas tree,” says Alessandra. “I decided to decorate with pastels this year and I saw these really beautiful ornaments at MACYS. They were inexpensive and I love them, super shimmery and they’re shatter free so family and kids approved.”

HOLIDAY LANE Pastel Prism Collection, Created for Macy's©$credits

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