What is your dog thinking about when they are left alone?

They are also thinking about you all the time, which makes them eager to reunite with their human companions.

We understand that leaving your furry friend at home might be difficult, and while it’s important to remember that dogs should not be left alone for long periods of time, sometimes you have to run errands, go to work, or simply go somewhere where your dog is not allowed to go.

If you are a new dog owner there are some tips to make your pet feel a little more comfortable at home, including leaving on some background noise, like calming music or television. You can also give them a food toy with some treats, and they will eventually understand they can be rewarded whenever you leave your home.

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Remember that it is best to avoid making a big fuss, as this can raise their stress levels, causing separation anxiety and destructive behavior. Taking them for a walk before you leave is a great idea so they can enjoy a nice nap while you are gone.

A study suggests that while dogs might not be aware of the length of time they are left alone, they seem to be more excited to see their owner after two hours have passed, in comparison to just 30 minutes, however they behave the same after two or four hours.

Your dog spends most of their time sleeping while you are not there, in fact they are often dreaming about new adventures and reminiscing about their routine, even flexing their legs in a running motion or making noises.


They are also thinking about you all the time, as they develop deep connections with their owners, which makes them eager to reunite with their human companions.

Your furry friend might be thinking about their past and future, as studies suggest that they have their daily schedules on their mind all the time, so they might be looking forward to future events and reminiscing about a place or experience.

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