Puppy training

Puppy Training: Essentials lessons to teach your new puppy

Plan a basic schedule taking into consideration their meals, play time, naps and potty training.

So you decided to welcome a new puppy into your life, this will be the beggining of an incredible friendship, but it’s also the perfect time to teach your furry friend some of the most important lessons to avoid any obedience issues.

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And while it might be a little overwhelming at first, if you focus on the essentials and create a training schedule, you will have a fun time building a better relationship with your pet and learning in the process.

It’s important to condition your puppy to be comfortable with their crate, teaching them that this will be their safe and happy place and giving them positive reinforcement. Make sure they have their favorite toys and if you want to go the extra mile, you can put an article of clothing so your pet has your smell and feels better.

Potty training is the most important part, and giving them a treat after their outside bathroom breaks is always a good idea. Plan a basic schedule taking into consideration their meals, play time and naps so they can understand there is also a moment during the day to go to the bathroom.

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Your puppy also needs to learn more about the outside world, so you should slowly introduce them to new friends, and after completing their vaccines, you can let them socialize a little bit more, just make sure to bring some treats and pay close attention so they feel comfortable, as it might be too overwhelming for them sometimes.

This is the perfect time to teach them basic commands, with positive reinforcement, you can teach them how to come when they’re called, “sit” and “down” on cue to learn impulse control. Remember to keep these lessons short and bring treats so they don’t lose interest.

And while your puppy should be able to explore the environment, they should learn to walk calmly on a leash without the need of pulling. This doesn’t mean they need to walk in perfect heel position, but it’s also one more step in teaching them impulse control.

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