Eva Mendes in orange NY&Co dress©evamendes

Eva Mendes reveals she was hypnotized and it changed her life

The actress and fashion designer talked about the time she was hypnotized and the amazing results she experienced afterwards

Eva Mendes opened up to her fans during a social chat for NY & Company, and talked about motherhood, new family members... and yes, even hypnosis! The actress, now turned fashion designer in collaboration with the New York brand, shared the experience with fans and why she decided to give it a try. You won’t believe the results.

“This is so cool! I have been hypnotized,” Eva said answering one of her followers’ questions, “I was hypnotized by the great doctor Kerry Gaynor, he hypnotized me for smoking, I used to smoke a long time ago, and it took three sessions, it took three weeks, and it’s been eight years!” The 46-year-old is the proud mama of five-year-old Esmeralda and three-year-old Amada, the daughters she shares with actor and partner Ryan Gosling, and surely this made a radical improvement in her health and also in her household. In the same chat, the Cuban beauty talked about motherhood with and how she juggles her family and work, “I have no idea, I don’t know how to do it, I need advice, maybe that’s the next round and you guys give me some advice because I really don’t know how to do it, it’s a lot and it’s all beautiful and great, but I don’t have it down, and I’m sure I’m messing up, mom guilt is for real, right moms?” she said talking about the totally relatable issue.

Eva Mendes' new family member Lucho©evamendes
Meet Lucho, the latest addition to Eva’s family

Eva also shared good news with her fans, the Goslings have now a new member! And you can already see him helping out the actress with her collection on social media. His name is Lucho, the best (furry) model for the actress’ new bold and beautiful clothing range!

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