Latinx homeware company©Endlessly Elated
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Endlessly Elated is the Latinx homeware brand redefining a new era of luxury and lifestyle

This homeware company cares about you and will give you a one-of-a-kind shopping experience

Home is where life begins and the global pandemic has shifted our perspective when it comes to lifestyle and luxury. Home products have become more than a necessity - an opulence for many countries. While home living and isolation becomes the new norm, it is important to turn our environments into a sanctuary. Endlessly Elated is the new Latinx homeware company redefining luxury with highly curated home products for its clientele. Kathleen Pagan is the Puerto Rican entrepreneur bringing a new era to home shopping blending technology and craftsmanship into one.

Launched in March 30th, EE’s products are hand blown by meticulous handcrafted skilled artisans in Slovenia and use only 100% lead-free crystal. But the customers and home aficionados are the ones taking part in the design of the homeware. “My company is all about co-creating products with our consumer,” shared Kathleen with HOLA! USA.

Latinx homeware company©Endlessly Elated
Endlessly Elated seeks to leverage your luxury lifestyle with curated home products

Besides being a status drink, champagne evokes a sense of luxury. Hence the creation of The Elated champagne coupe which was a unanimous vote by her clientele and the first product launch. Historically, champagne coupes said to intensify champagne’s pleasure by allowing the drinker’s nose proximity to the tingling bubbles. Each glass is woman-inspired, hand-blown and takes 30 days to create. The spiral-cut stem offers not only a sturdy base, but also a luxurious texture to elevate everyday celebrations. While the wide bowl creates a multisensory experience to enhance the aromas of the bubbly. This is a glass that will definitely become the centerpiece at your next gathering.

Endlessly Elated is a timeless brand building a community and channel to bridge the gap between homeware and customer’s needs. “I wanted to create a brand that told the stories of many, not just one person. When my father passed away in 2012, I knew I had to retake control of my life and my time. So right before he passed, I promised him (and myself) to strive to live endlessly elated because life is short.”

Endlessly Elated champagne coupe©Endlessly Elated
The spiral-cut stem offers a luxurious texture to elevate the sipping experience

Besides wine glasses, Endlessly Elated will also introduce other homeware products such as dinner plates, utensils and more. As a host herself, Kathleen’s favorite space is the kitchen because she loves to entertain people. Though she launched the company amid the global pandemic, Kathleen has founded a niche community of home connoisseurs who enjoy hosting and lifestyle. She wants to put your drink front and center and leverage your home experience with a luxury glass to cheer you up and celebrate life.

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