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Cleancult is the Puerto Rico-based cleaning brand committed to end the plastic war

Cleancult is committed to reducing plastic waste while creating the cleanest products for your home

Cleanliness and hand-washing are trending topics in the age of Coronavirus but Cleancult has been on the hygienic bandwagon before the global pandemic. The Puerto Rican-based eco-friendly brand is committed to ending the plastic war with premium glass bottles and the cleanest products in the market. Unlike traditional cleaning companies, Cleancult offers coconut-based ingredients with zero-waste packaging minimizing the plastic waste that threatens the world.

Sustainability is a buzzword that has taken over many marketing campaigns, touting clients to purchase a product that is not even clean enough. Ryan Lupberger, founder and CEO of Cleancult, developed the holy grail of cleaning products after a deep evaluation of other conventional ones. “I was inspired to create a cleaning company when I looked at the back of my bottle of laundry detergent and couldn’t find any ingredients,” he tells HOLA! USA. “So, I looked for the natural alternatives in the market and simply wasn’t happy.”

Cleancult is an eco-friendly brand offering a lineup of sustainable cleaning products

Though some brands claim to use clean alternatives, they still utilize plastic packaging adding to the behemoth pollution. According to Ryan, there’s very little regulation in the US for what actually goes into our cleaning products. Essentially, there is no disclosure about these ingredients, which means most products have toxic chemicals and ingredients harmful for humans and the environment. Cleancult wants to redefine sustainability by replacing plastic bottles with milk cartons, “Putting soap in milk cartons reduces roughly 90% of the plastic used in cleaning and is paper-based made from renewable sources.”

From manufacturing to packaging, Cleancult delivers a clean label every step of the way. Cleancult uses a “blend of truly natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Rosemark extract and essential oils all powered by our hero cleaning ingredient - coconut. Saponified coconut oil (the process of making soap from coconuts) creates an extremely powerful formula that possesses highly antiviral and anti-fungal properties.”

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Cleancult wants to end plastic waste by offering premium glass bottles filled with your product

Not only do they use a tropical ingredient but also natural scents such as orange zest, lemongrass and lavender oils that help to cut through dirt and grime. “All of our scents are made from essential oils and completely natural.” The brand even has a laundry detergent that is fragrance-free and great for people with allergies. This high-demand product has become so popular in Puerto Rico that Cleancult has launched a donation program. “We’ve donated 10,000 bars of soap to NYC Relief. Our goal is to be able to donate 50,000 bars of soap in total by the summer of 2020,” Ryan says.

Besides killing germs, Cleancult delivers straight to your door and ships the milk cartons flat to save on the vast amount of Co2 emissions during production. Highly natural and exceptionally sustainable, this Latinx company will make your abuela jealous when she sees your kitchen clean and spotless.