Julie Sariñana

She is collaborating with top brands to show the importance of representing “Brown, Black, Latino and Asian people”

Julie Sariñana is without a doubt one of the original fashion influencers, known all over social media for her beauty tips and effortless and elegant style, setting new trends and sharing with all her fans and followers as ‘Sincerely Jules.’

The successful Mexican-American, who was born in Mexico and grew up in East L.A, started her creative journey in 2009 after launching her first blog when she was still a college student. Fast-forward to 2022, this California girl has almost 7 million followers on Instagram and says her passion for fashion and social media game, has changed her life forever.

“Since the beginning of SJ, I’ve always stayed true to myself and do things I genuinely love and believe in, but most importantly, I always follow my heart no matter what.”

Julie previously revealed that fashion and creativity runs in her blood, including her parents and her siblings. “Ever since my mom was 14 years old in Mexico she worked at a local thrift store, so since I was little it was all around me: Clothes, fashion, art, it’s really all I knew,” she said to Remezcla.


This proud Latina has collaborated with many brands, always finding an opportunity to highlight the importance of representing and advocating for “Brown Black Latino and Asian people.”

Julie continues to inspire women to follow their dreams, no matter how wild they are. “Believe in yourself and never give up even if it feels unreachable, trust the process and be patient and you’ll see results! As I always say DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE!”

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