Dr. Simone Xavier©Sigma Beauty

Dr. Simone Xavier

She never imagined that she would go from scientist to successful beauty founder

Dr. Simone Xavier began her career as a veterinary and later a scientist. Years later, she founded Sigma, a makeup brand that takes advantage of her plentiful expertise.

Born in Brazil, Xavier comes from a family of artists and scientists, something that she merged later on with her company. With a pHD in infectious diseases that she obtained from the University of Minnesota, Xavier worked for vaccine companies for many years. She found an opportunity to shine and create something new in the year 2009, when she and her husband discovered that the international market was craving high quality and affordable beauty tools. That year, they launched their first brush set, an instant hit that developed a cult following that remains to this day.

Dr. Simone Xavier©Sigma Beauty

“It does not matter if I am analyzing color trends or needs for solutions, my product development process is always centered around the clients’ interests,” she said in an interview with Makeup.com. “Did I ever imagine I would own a beauty brand? No, but I can see how the skills I acquired during my academic career have broad applications in a variety of businesses and have definitely helped in running a beauty company.”

Scientists turned cosmetics expert is not a career transition that you see everyday, something that Xavier calls one of her strengths. Her experience in multiple fields allows her to think outside of the box and to deliver products that address the real needs from costumers, delivering real and tangible results. When speaking about the importance of women founders, Xavier says that the world needs our perspectives.

“We have unique ways of handling different situations and we have a very unique vision of how things should be done. We pick up on details that matter to us in products.”

Xavier believes anyone who wants to put the work in can be a founder as long as they find the right passion that motivates them and inspires them to become leaders. For Hispanic Heritage month, Sigma will be donating to her Alma Mater’s Chicano Studies Undergraduate Scholarship fun to support students with financial needs.

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