Viviana Sarmiento©Viviana Sarmiento

This Colombian businesswoman is changing the game creating healthy and tasty versions of classic desserts

Viviana founded ‘The Kind Dessert,’ offering an innovative option and showing a healthy approach to delicious and flavorful desserts.

Embarking on a healthier lifestyle can be a little tricky. From adapting to a new strict diet, to finding an effective workout routine, we understand it might be difficult to give up certain things we like, including delicious foods we enjoy.

This is what Viviana Sarmiento, a Colombian chef and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, realized, as she embarked on her own journey. “Having a sweet tooth myself and dying to find desserts that were tasty, healthy and functional, I came up with my own,” Viviana said to HOLA USA.

Using her business administration background and passion for baking and creating new recipes, Viviana founded The Kind Dessert, offering an innovative option and showing a healthy approach to delicious and flavorful desserts, like the Hazelnut Cacao Butter, Fearless Peanut Pecan Butter, or the Thriving Cashew Pistachio Butter.

“Made with organic ingredients and adaptogens such as Reishi, Chaga and Lion’s Mane,” Viviana created delectable vegan recipes with no sugar, gluten or dairy, with ingredients that promise to be the perfect compliment for a healthier lifestyle, easing stress and anxiety, combating fatigue, and enhancing mental performance.

This successful Latina owned business is changing the game, with Viviana revealing that she “felt the need to become more creative in the kitchen during the pandemic,” discovering “a hidden talent and her true life’s purpose.”

“The Kind Dessert is a pioneer in creating healthy, functional and tasty versions of classic desserts that nurture one’s body, mind and soul,” she declared.

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