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Market Inspo

Get cooking inspiration at your favorite local farmers market

A stroll at a farmers market can ignite creativity into your cooking and inspire your next meals

Walking through a farmers’ market is so inspiring, seeing and smelling the fresh and appetizing aromas of the wide array of fruits and vegetables, to the vibrant and beautiful rainbow of colors, it is a food paradise for culinary lovers. Farmers markets are also the perfect place to find cooking inspiration.

For a foodie or cooking enthusiast taking a stroll through a farmers market can be like being a kid at a candy store. From fruits and vegetables, to homemade apple cider, to farm fresh eggs, cheese and meats, the amount of items to choose from are endless. The hard part is deciding what to buy, and you will most likely end up with a tote bag filled with extra items that you did not initially intend to buy.

Here are three things to consider to get inspiration at the farmers market. Get inspired!

Abundance of food to inspire cooking

The abundance of fresh, beautiful food and food items at the farmers market, truly inspires cooking. That juicy red gala apple with lovely floral aromas, can inspire you to cook a delicious apple cranberry crisp, to share with your close friends at a weekend gathering. Those farm fresh eggs can inspire you to cook a delicious Spanish frittata as a special Sunday morning breakfast treat, for you and your partner. Fresh bright orange carrots can inspire you to cook easy roasted carrots, which could be a healthy, quick and easy side dish, for your basic family weeknight dinners. Feel free to do an internet search as you stroll through the aisles, to find appetizing recipes to make with your delicious food items.

Using seasonal ingredients to inspire cooking

Taking advantage of seasonal ingredients is also a great way to inspire cooking. Having an abundance of an ingredient only readily available during different seasons, really allows you to get creative and use those ingredients in as many ways and as much as possible. Grab that carton of blueberries and make a homemade blueberry pie that will surely bring the most appetizing aromas to your kitchen, or a blueberry frozen yogurt as a fun treat for your children, or a blueberry spinach smoothie for a quick and healthy breakfast.

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Incorporate new food items into dishes to inspire cooking

To broaden your cooking repertoire even further, try cooking with different ingredients from the farmers market that you normally don’t cook with, never cooked with before, or never even heard of. Grab those beets and make a delicious beet hummus for lunch. Grab that rhubarb and make a rhubarb pie, as a fun twist and alternative to your usual classic apple pie.

The farmers market is a great way to inspire your cooking ideas. The abundance of food and food items are endless. It will motivate you to want to venture out and try cooking delicious recipes and meals. Take your time slowly walking throughout the farmers market looking, smelling and touching all of the beautiful food items and let it inspire you to make delicious dishes.

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