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Danna Paola is in her ‘dark’ era and these makeup looks are here to prove it: ‘I’m a really emo girl’

“I needed to start feeling confident with myself as a woman,” she said, admitting that she is not scared of experimenting with fashion and makeup to show her evolution.

There is no doubt that Danna Paola has reinvented herself, not just by being fully invested in her music career, doing major collaborations, including her latest song with Sofía Reyes and Kim Petras, but also by staying true to herself and showcasing her most authentic side.

“I think it’s an empowering and dark era. I found my brightness self in my darkest,” Danna said during her exclusive interview with HOLA! explaining that she is staying true to her persona and her art, as she “stopped listening to everyone else’s opinion” and wants to create things that truly connect with herself and her fans.

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Danna Paola’s makeup look for the MTV VMAs

Whether on the stage or the red carpet, Danna has been able to transmit a sense of empowerment and rebellion with her edgy fashion moments and stunning makeup looks. Described by many of her fans as the princess of Latin pop, Danna is the new Global Brand Ambassador of MAC Cosmetics. “It’s a dream come true,” she admitted.

Sharing her excitement about her upcoming album, Danna says her new sound goes hand in hand with her fashion ensembles, edgy hairstyles, and makeup looks. “I’m a visual artist. I think makeup, fashion, and attitude go together,” she admitted, before revealing that she becomes “another person on stage.”

Danna Paola on the set of ‘Tenemos Que Hablar’

“It’s the best drug ever being on the stage. It empowers me,” Danna said, showing her appreciation for her fans. She also confessed that she is not scared of experimenting with makeup, detailing her most recent favorite looks and revealing that she is bringing back her inner “emo girl” as part of her inspiration, apart from taking her ensembles to a new level by including latex and bondagewear.

Danna Paola on her XT4S1S Tour

“I had hidden that emo girl with a lot of sweetness and color,” she explained. “And now I think that Avril Lavigne, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, have been an important part of my teenage years, and they translate my emotions,” Danna added, naming some of her favorite vocalists, including Ariana Grande, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey.

Danna Paola at Premios Juventud

“I needed to start feeling confident with myself as a woman,” she said, explaining that her stylist and her team help her transmit what she is feeling in fashion and makeup on music videos, red carpets, and on the stage. “[The makeup look] from ‘Tenemos Que Hablar’ is my favorite right now,” she said about the clown-inspired makeup, describing it as “dramatic and theatrical.”

The singer concluded by saying that she is proud about what she and her team have accomplished, listing more of her recent looks, at the MTV VMAs, and Premios Juventud.

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