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Revealed: the incredible Gucci dress Meghan wore for her editorial debut

The Duchess of Sussex is pictured wearing a $4K Gucci dress

Although Meghan Markle didn't grace the cover of British Vogue's September edition, the issue she (no big deal) guest-edited, you can still catch her inside its glossy pages. And in true Duchess of Sussex fashion, she dazzles with her style, which is fitting since the September issue is huge for the fashion industry. Alongside her Editor's letter, the magazine shared a picture of the 37-year-old royal wearing a gorgeous Gucci getup worth $4K.  

Meghan Markle wore a $4K Gucci dress for her editorial debut

In the black-and-white photo, Meghan is sifting through a rack of clothes at the London office of Smart Works, one of the royal's official patronages that provides clothes and one-on-one coaching for women returning to the workforce. The 'Embellished Tweed Dress' by Gucci features a dark ribbon at the neckline with a detachable rose brooch. It also stays true to Meghan's style with a sleeveless design and pencil dress fitting. 

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In her Editor's note, the Duchess of Sussex reveals how she wanted to gather a group of inspiring women, "forces for change," featured on the cover of the magazine. Some of these women include actress Salma Hayek and 16-year-old political activist Greta Thunberg. "You will find that spirit of inclusivity on the cover: diverse portraiture of women of varying age, colour, creed, nationality and life experience, and of unquestionable inspiration," she writes. "Some, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and enlisted personally for this issue, others I’ve admired from afar for their commitment to a cause, their fearlessness in breaking barriers, or what they represent simply by being."

The Duchess of Sussex also notes that the cover includes a mirror for readers to see themselves on the cover. "Among all of these strong women on the cover, a mirror – a space for you, the reader, to see yourself. Because you, too, are part of this collective," she adds.

The Duchess of Sussex is pictured wearing the 'Embellished Tweed Dress' alongside her Editor's note

In the letter, she also reveals intimate details about how this project came together. "I was about five months pregnant when this process began, and by the time you hold this issue in your hands, my husband and I will be holding our three-month-old baby boy in ours," she tells readers. "It’s a very special time for me personally, on so many levels; working with Edward and his team, both during my pregnancy and my maternity leave, has played no small part in that joy."

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