Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber street style

Boy meets girl. Boy befriends/dates/breaks up with girl. Boy marries girl ten years later. This is pretty much how the love story of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber went down, but without all the messy business in between (there was a "dramatic excommunication").

Still, despite all the obstacles, it was an epic, modern romance that was totally whirlwind. One month after rekindling their relationship, the couple got engaged and every single day since then, Hailey and Justin have been honestly killing this whole marriage thing. 

One of the best part of the relationship, at least as far as fashionistas are concerned, is the couple's street style. Whether they're attending a music festival, going on a date or simply making a coffee run, the two are always on point when it comes to their sartorial choices. Oversized sweaters? Check. Versace two-pieces? Double check. 90s hair accessories? Of course!

Watch the video to relive the glory of Hailey and Justin's streetwear romance and perhaps you'll get some inspo for you and your beau!


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