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Julio Iglesias Jr and Chabeli Iglesias © Pablo Cuadra,Getty


Everything you need to know about 'Los Iglesias: Hermanos a la obra' premiering tonight with Chábeli and Julio

Chábeli and Julio José Jr. Iglesias filmed over two months

Jovita Trujillo
Jovita Trujillo - Los Angeles
Senior WriterLos Angeles
JULY 9, 2024 5:48 PM EDT

Summer is here, and with the new season comes new entertainment.  'Los Iglesias: Hermanos a la obra' premiere tonight, July 9, on TVE, right after the  Euro 2024 semi-final. Chábeli and Julio José Jr. Igelsias, the eldest children of Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler, are behind the show as hosts who will show them in a new light and take viewers into celebrities' homes.  

Julio Iglesias Jr and Chabeli Iglesias © Pablo Cuadra
Julio Iglesias Jr and Chabeli Iglesias

After filming for two months in Spain and Miami, the siblings are ready for the world to see their new project. Made up of eight episodes, they helped with the renovations and remodeling of homes owned by powerhouse names: Luis Fonsi, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, Ana Obregón, Norma Duval, Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Beatriz Luengo and Yotuel Romero and Omar Montes, per our sister brand HOLA!.

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The siblings also collaborated on a very special project representing the entire family, redesigning the garden and the exterior of their mother's house in Madrid. They lived in the home for some time together, around family.

 Produced by RTVE in collaboration with Beta Entertainment Spain and directed by Carlos Hierro and Elena Zapata, each episode follows the Iglesias siblings as they address the needs of a celebrity seeking their help. They take on various challenges like designing a new kitchen, fixing a garage, preparing a garden for a new family member, or renovating and decorating the outdoor spaces of a mansion. Under a tight schedule and pressure to leave their celebrity clientele happy, things don't always go as planned. 

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While the homes matter, viewers will also get a chance to see the undeniable bond between the siblings. As they spend precious hours together, bond, and learn more about each other while on this special project. "We've worked very comfortably. It's been difficult because we recorded everything in a couple of months, but it's been special because we've laughed a lot. I love working with my brother," said Chábeli, per HOLA!

It's also a window into Chábeli's world, as she has been buying houses in Miami and renovating them to sell for years. "The creative part, choosing the materials and combining everything is the best. It gives me great satisfaction to see the final result and, although you may not believe it, the saddest moment is selling the houses," she told Living. 

As for Julio, the singer will show off a hidden talent - his handyman skills and determination to renovate. "It's a fresh, new, and fun program. I don't want to brag, but I'm good at everything, even gardening. Irrigation systems, putting up lights... I have good vision," the singer said.