[EXCLUSIVE] Ludmilla makes history at Coachella: How Brazil influences her personal style

“I brought diversity because Brazilian music is very diverse. I’m a very diverse singer, so I brought diversity to the Coachella stage.”

Ludmilla is officially the first Afro-Latina woman to perform on the main stage at Coachella. The talented performer brought her unique sound and celebrated her Brazilian heritage, revealing how much this new achievement means to her during an exclusive interview backstage with HOLA!

The 28-year-old star shared details about her personal style and how she is inspired by her home country when it comes to her music and fashion, sharing that some of her incredible fashion moments come from her diverse background and Pinterest, which she used to prepare for the music festival. Ludmilla admitted that she is very proud to be “breaking barriers,” explaining that bringing Funk to Coachella this year is incredibly “meaningful” for her.

The Brazilian artist partnered with Pinterest on a Board Drop featuring behind-the-scenes photos and videos from her latest album, exclusive backstage content from her Coachella debut, iconic outfits and beauty looks as well as wallpapers inspired by the Numanice aesthetic.

Apart from performing her hit songs, Ludmilla declared her love and admiration for Beyoncé, both during her performance and her interview. She went on to show her support for the LGBTQ community, and proved that she has what it takes to succeed in the industry.

“I brought diversity because Brazilian music is very diverse. I’m a very diverse singer, so I brought diversity to the Coachella stage.”

How does it feel to be representing Latinos this year at Coachella?

It’s a great happiness to be representing Latinos, but especially Brazil, my country, bringing culture, bringing a little funk to them. It’s really good because, where I came from, funk was very marginalized, and now we’re breaking all the barriers and today funk is playing on the main stage of the biggest music festival in the world, it’s very meaningful for us and I’m very happy with that.

What sound have you brought to Coachella?

For Coachella I brought a little funk, pop merengue, I brought Pagode, I brought diversity because Brazilian music is very diverse. I’m a very diverse singer, so I brought diversity to the Coachella stage.

Tell me about the moment you heard the news that you were performing in Coachella.

It was a very special moment because, as you know, now I’m starting to work on an international career, I still don’t speak other languages perfectly, I understand some things though. So, receiving an invitation from Coachella to sing on the main stage was very special, I kept it with great affection in my heart, I prepared myself, dedicated myself and gave my best on that stage.

What is your dream collaboration at the moment?

Right now my biggest dream is to record with Beyoncé.

What are your favorite songs from Cowboy by Beyoncé?

I’m addicted now to II Hands II Heaven.

Is there a special place or memory that comes to mind when you think of your hometown?

When I think of Brazil I think of the beach. The beaches in Brazil are very beautiful.

How does Brazil influence your style?

I think Brazil has a very peculiar style. People in Brazil are very different and diverse, but I think I can help people with their style by being confident, being free, and wearing whatever they want to wear.

What is the inspiration behind your fashion style?

When I’m in doubt, when I think I’m doing the same look over and over again, I go to Pinterest and type in the name of the pants I’m wearing, for example, and then it gives me a range of options of what I can do. with these pants or this blouse.

What do you like about Pinterest?

What I like about Pinterest is that there are a lot of references there, it ends up opening my mind and giving me more possibilities to dress differently and buy different things.

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