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Arnold Schwarzenegger shares funny update of ‘FUBAR’ season 2

Schwarzenegger recently shared the news of a surgery, prompting some concern from his followers

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently revealed that he had a pacemaker implanted. The news have surprised many fans, who’ve sent him concerned messages over the past few days. Schwarzenegger recently took to social media to show people how well he feels, and to share some updates regarding the second season of “FUBAR,” his Netflix action show.

The update was shared on Instagram, showing Schwarzenegger connected to a high voltage device that was placed on his chest. The photo shows a red wire connected from the device to his ear and he’s seen with his hands raised, looking questioningly at the camera.

“Thank you! I’ve gotten so many kind messages from all over the world, but a lot of people have asked if my pacemaker will cause any problems with FUBAR Season 2,” he wrote in the caption. “Absolutely not. I will be ready to film in April, and you can only see it if you’re really looking for it.”

Schwarzenegger revealed that in the aftermath of his surgery, he’ll simply stop doing weights for a little while but he should be back to normal in April, when “FUBAR” is scheduled to start production.

Schwarzenegger’s health announcement

Schwarzenegger shared the news of his health in the podcast “Arnold’s Pump Club.”

“Last Monday, I had surgery to become a little bit more of a machine: I got a pacemaker,” he said. “First of all, I want you to know I’m doing great! I had my surgery on Monday, and by Friday, I was already at a big environmental event with my friend and fellow fitness crusader Jane Fonda. Nobody would ever have thought I started the week with a surgery.”

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