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Tracee Ellis Ross reveals the hilarious reason she’s banned from online shopping

‘Candy Cane Lane’ is available to stream December 1

Tracee Ellis Ross and Eddie Murphy are ready to get you into the Christmas spirit. The legendary actors and comedians have come together for Amazon Prime’s Candy Cane Lane, available to stream this Friday, December 1. Murphy plays Chris, a man determined to win his neighborhood’s annual Christmas home decoration competition. When Chris unintentionally enters into a pact with a playful elf named Pepper (Jillian Bell), a magical spell is cast. Now Chris, his wife Carol (Tracee Ellis Ross), and their three children face a race against the clock. Ahead of the release of the film HOLA! USA had the opportunity to sit down with the stars for a brief interview.

Candy Cane Lane©Prime

No spoilers, but in the film, Murphy finds himself in trouble when he fails to read the fine print. We asked the stars if there’s ever been a situation, where not reading the fine print got them into trouble. While the 62-year-old asserted he is a “very careful man” who reads everything, Ellis gave an epic answer going back to the COVID-19 pandemic when we were all stuck indoors trying to find toilet paper.

According to Ellis, she has officially banned herself from buying things online because when they appear at her door, they’re not always as it seems. “During the pandemic when toilet paper was in high demand, right? Everybody was buying. Do you remember that?” She asked Murphy. “I remember, I was like, ‘I found so much toilet paper.’ I bought this 24-pack of toilet paper. It arrived at my house. It was miniature toilet paper.”


“That’s a scam,” Murphy told his costar. “It was literally little rolls of toilet paper that were this big,” she told him, lifting up a toy. For Ellis, she said this has happened on more than one occasion. “I’ve had so many experiences where I think I’m buying one of something, and I get like a case of 24.”

Murphy couldn’t believe the story, asking, “Actually little toilet paper?” “Yes, like it looked like toilet paper for mice. Mice don’t use toilet paper. It was, I swear to God,” the 51-year-old told him. Not one to waste resources, she said she found a way to use them. “I kept it for so long because I, well, I don’t know, but I did figure out how to utilize the teeny, teeny, teeny toilet paper.”

“You use it for something? The dollhouse?” Murphy asked. “No, I used it for myself. It was like an entire roll. You had to pull the whole thing to get enough toilet paper. I did it to blow my nose,” she quipped.


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