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What to watch: 7 movies & shows to watch this week - Dec 2

From HBO’s “Gossip Girl” to Netflix’s “Wednesday”

There’s a lot of stuff to stream nowadays. In hopes of helping you watch more good movies and TV, we sum up some of the most exciting titles streaming across all platforms every week. Today we recommend a mix of new releases and newly available titles, from movies and shows, all available to stream on the most popular platforms.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover (Netflix)

Starring Emma Corrin and Jack O’Connell, “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” is based on a controversial 1920s novel, known for its explicit depictions of sex and its use of several racy words. Released as a film in the year 2022, it’s not as controversial as intended, but it’ll likely scratch an itch for lovers of historical romances, following the affair that blooms between a married woman and a working-class man.

Gossip Girl (HBO Max)

Back for a second season, the “Gossip Girl” reboot continues to follow the lives of a group of rich New York high school students. Never as daring, delightful, or packed with star power as the original, the HBO take on the series will likely satisfy high school TV addicts, providing some eye candy and real estate to lust after, before they inevitably move on to the next show of the month.

George & Tammy (Showtime)

Starring Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon, “George & Tammy” is a series based on the lives of George Jones and Tammy Wynette, two country music giants who were also in love and had a pretty crazy relationship.

Wednesday (Netflix)

Since its release, “Wednesday” has already broken multiple Netflix records, whatever that means. Prepped by Tim Burton and starring a reliably stunning Jenna Ortega, “Wednesday” is the kind of expensive show that mixes imagination and nostalgia, and is a thrill to dive into, especially after so many years without live-action adaptations of The Addams Family.

Disenchanted (Disney)

Starring its original cast of “Enchanted,” made up of Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and Idina Menzel, “Disenchanted” is back for another round. This time, it’s all very different, with Adams having a blast playing an evil version of Giselle.

Basic Instinct (Prime Video)

“Basic Instinct” is now streaming on Prime Video. It stars Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone, as a detective and a murderous genius novelist, as they seduce and threaten eachother towards an inevitable conclusion. It’s the perfect encapsulation of the magic of the erotic thriller, a genre of films that sadly no longer exists.

The Final Destination series (Hulu)

Lastly, if wanting to binge something that’s time-consuming (five films!) but mind-numbing, The Final Destination series is streaming on Hulu. This is an endorsement.

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