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What to watch: 7 movies & shows to stream this week - July 29

From HBO Max’s “Harley Quinn” to Netflix’s “Rebelde”

There’s a lot of stuff to stream nowadays. In hopes of helping you watch more good movies and TV, we sum up some of the most exciting titles streaming across all platforms every week. Today we recommend a mix of new releases and newly available titles, from movies and shows, all available to stream on the most popular platforms.

Harley Quinn (HBO Max)

“Harley Quinn” is one of the best animated shows and one of the best super hero properties out there, period. The show is back for its third season, continuing the story of Harley and her crew as they find new ways to hilariously destroy Gotham.

High School Musical: The Musical (Disney Plus)

“High School Musical: The Musical” is back for a third season, bringing the kids to summer camp in the style of “High School Musical 2.”

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (HBO Max)

The new “Pretty Little Liars” spinoff is weird and kind of perfect, taking the idea of the original series and transforming it into a slasher series, taking inspiration from the horror greats like “Carrie”, “Halloween” and more.

Rebelde (Netflix)

“Rebelde” is back for its second season, never reaching the heights of the original series yet still scratching that musical-teenage-drama itch.

Not Okay (Hulu)

“Not Okay” stars the great Zoey Deutch in a plot that’s very of the moment. She plays a girl with no friends and no notoriety, who fakes a trip to Paris to get the attention of a boy, only for everything to spiral out of control once she has the world’s attention on her.

Paper Girls (Prime Video)

Based on the beloved series of comic books, “Paper Girls” follows four girls from the 80’s, who time travel to the future and get involved in a dangerous sci-fi conspiracy.

The Americans (Hulu)

Lastly, “The Americans” is streaming in full in Hulu. The show is made up of six seasons, so it’s a bit of a time investment, but it’s one of the best TV shows ever made and one of the most criminally underwatched. It follows a couple of Russian agents who pass for an American family during the Reagan administration.

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