The selected projects for the first U.S. Hispanic Showcase©FilmarketHub

Find here the selected projects for the first Filmarket Hub’s U.S. Hispanic Showcase

The new initiative aims to discover emerging Latinx aspiring producers, writers, and directors with high-quality stories

Drum roll, please! The list including the selected projects of the first Filmarkethub U.S. Hispanic Showcase is here. After presenting their ideas in a two-day virtual pitch event dedicated to feature films and scripted series, moviemakers are now one step closer to seeing their films on the screen.

Filmarkethub’s new initiative aims to discover emerging Latinx aspiring producers, writers, and directors with high-quality stories and connect them with top-tier companies in the industry, including BTF Media, El Estudio, and Exile Content Gaumont, Pantaya and The Mediapro Studio.


So who are the creators selected to have the opportunity to pitch and meet each of the participating executives at the event? Find the complete list below.

  • ANIMA: Written and directed by Andres Beltran
  • BATTLESCAR: Written by Mercedes Arturo, Nico Casavecchia and Pablo Sternbach
  • BEFORE THE BEYOND: Written by Maria Blanco
  • GLASSTOWN: Written and directed by Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz. Produced by Gabriela González and Candy Ibarra (Forward Motion Entertainment)
  • HELLA AQUA NET: Written by Maria Victoria Ponce and David Keenan
  • ONLINE WITH LOVE: Written and directed by William Garcia. Produced by William Garcia and Gianni Biasetti (Playworld Pictures)
  • THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF QUEENS: Written and directed by Jezabel Montero
  • DESERT RATS: Created and written by Ken Arquelio and Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz
  • GIRL IN COMPTON: Created by Christian U. Hernandez and Ornella Jaramillo. Written by Christian U. Hernandez
  • GODSPEED: Created and written by Virginia Urreiztieta and David Figueroa Garcia. Produced by David Figueroa Garcia (Fidelio Films)
  • GONZO: REVOLUCIONARIOS: Created and written by Martin Andres Markovits and Nikolaos Kyriakou. Produced by Peter Marshall Smith (Lasrever Films)
  • IRL (IN REAL LIFE): Created by Blake Newhem-Valenzuela and Angel N. Valenzuela. Written by Blake Newhem Valenzuela
  • LAS ADELITAS: Created by Karla Noriega and Rodrigo Torres. Written by Karla Noriega and Maria Jose Noriega. Directed by Karla Noriega
  • OUTSIDER: Created and written by Manuel Pacific and Alejandra Parody
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