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2024 French Open - Day 12© GettyImages

Coco Gauff reduced to tears after a heated exchange with the umpire during the French Open

The star struggled to contain her frustration after a controversial umpiring decision

Shirley Gomez
Senior Writer
JUNE 6, 2024 3:34 PM EDT

In a high-stakes match at the French Open, American tennis star Coco Gauff found herself in a distressing situation. A tense exchange with chair umpire Aurélie Tourte during her semifinal match against world No. 1 Iga Świątek left her in tears. The match, held on a crucial Thursday, June 6, in Paris, France, ended in disappointment for Gauff, who struggled to contain her frustration after a controversial umpiring decision.

Gauff, 20, appeared visibly upset after Tourte overruled a call that initially appeared to benefit Świątek, 23. The incident occurred when the line judge initially called out Świątek’s serve. However, Tourte overruled the call, asserting that the serve was in, which led to a heated dispute.

2024 French Open   Day 12© GettyImages

Gauff contended that the overrule came after she reacted to the initial outcall, which disrupted her subsequent return. “Are you serious? They are booing you because you are wrong,” Gauff protested, addressing Tourte and referencing the crowd’s vocal disapproval of the umpire’s decision.

During the exchange, Gauff emphasized her right to complete her swing, arguing, “I have the right to finish my swing. He called it before I hit it. Can you ask him?” She was referring to the line judge’s initial call, which she believed had influenced her play. However, Tourte remained firm, stating, “We cannot ask him,” and adding, “To me, it didn’t affect the shot,” further infuriating Gauff.

The emotional toll of the incident was palpable as Gauff, feeling unjustly treated, reportedly told the umpire, “You should be ashamed,” and “Know the rules of the game.” She also pointed out the significance of the match, saying, “This is the 2nd time this has happened. It’s a Grand Slam semifinal.”

2024 French Open   Day 12© GettyImages

Despite the crowd’s support and vehement protests, the decision stood, and Gauff struggled to regain her composure. Meanwhile, Świątek, who kept it calm throughout the dispute, won the match, further solidifying her dominance over Gauff with an 11-1 record in their head-to-head encounters. The Polish athlete’s clinical performance demonstrates why she holds the top spot in women’s tennis.