Frida Kahlo Museum release a statement after allowing Madonna to try the painter’s belongings

The singer said that she was able to try on clothes and jewelry that belonged to the famous Mexican painter

On May 20, Madonna’s visit to Mexico City as part of her Celebration Tour sparked a heated debate. The singer’s revelation that she had the opportunity to access clothing, jewelry, letters, and photos that belonged to Frida Kahlo, whom she deeply admires, stirred up controversy. The public release of photos of the “Queen of Pop” with these items further fueled the discussion.

After the backlash, the worldwide known museum in charge of protecting the painter’s most valuable artifacts stated to clarify what happened.

Madonna, fan de Frida Kahlo©@madonna

“It is important to clarify that, unlike what was mentioned in some media, Madonna, due to times in her agenda, did not manage to visit the Blue House on her recent visit to Mexico, however we had the opportunity for her family and staff to enjoy the museum.” says the statement issued by the Frida Kahlo Museum.

The Frida Kahlo Museum, located in Coyoacán, Mexico City, clarified its position and policies regarding the use of Frida’s belongings. “The collection of Frida’s clothing and jewelry that we safeguard, are subject to strict conservation measures and are exhibited in the museum, not being loaned for personal use,” the museum explained. “These policies ensure that Frida Kahlo’s legacy is preserved intact for future generations,” they added, reaffirming their commitment to preserving the artist’s heritage.

The institution expressed its pride in Madonna’s admiration for Frida Kahlo and her efforts to share it on her platforms. “We are proud that Madonna finds inspiration in Frida Kahlo and shares it on her platforms, which undoubtedly helps spread the richness of Mexican culture,” the institution stated. However, they clarified that the clothing, photos, and objects that Madonna showcased on social media “do not belong or are part of the Casa Azul collection.”

Museo Frida Kahlo©GettyImages
El museo negó que las piezas mostradas por Madonna formen parte de su colección.

“We express our gratitude to Madonna for her dedication to celebrating and perpetuating Frida’s legacy. The singer’s deep admiration for Frida highlights the artist’s continued relevance and also underscores how her influence transcends cultures and borders, inspiring global admirers,” the museum concluded before reiterating its “commitment to the protection and promotion of the cultural heritage that Frida represented.”

Madonna, fan de Frida Kahlo©@Madonna
Algunos de los artículos personales a los que tuvo acceso Madonna

Madonna’s deep admiration for Frida

“When I was a teenager I discovered Frida Kahlo at the Detroit Institute of Arts. I was fascinated by how she became a painter—how it stemmed from a bus accident where she was lying a hospital on her back in a bodycast, in pain for a year, and how her father brought her brushes and paint. While she was working through her pain and her inability to move, she used her arms to paint and turned her suffering into something beautiful,” Madonna told Vanity Fair in 2023.

She always felt like an outsider as a child growing up and I could connect to that. If Frida Kahlo could endure all the pain and suffering and still create beautiful art and not feel sorry for herself and continue to go on, then I could do the same. She’s always been a source of strength and a muse for me,“ Madonna added, alluding to the physical pain that haunted the painter as a result of the polio she suffered as a child and the traffic accident she sustained years later.

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