Happy Mother’s Day!

Michelle Obama celebrates Mother’s Day with a post celebrating her ‘rock’

Obama sent a sweet message to all mothers‘ and shared her special bond with her own mother.

Michelle Obama is celebrating Mother’s Day, sharing a sweet photo with her mom, Marian Shields Robinson. The image shows the two laughing together, with Michelle writing a message for her and for all the mothers in the world.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!” Michelle captioned the post. She then shared some details of the special bond the two share together. “My mom has always been my rock and I’m so grateful for all the ways she continues to show up for my family.”

“She’s taught me so much over the years, and I feel so lucky that I get to pass that same wisdom down to my own girls. To all the moms celebrating today, I hope you know how much you’re appreciated.”

In previous occasions, Michelle has discussed the importance of her relationship with her mother and how much she’s learned from her. “The mother that I am today is a direct result of Marian Robinson,” she said at The United States of Women Summit, in a chat with Tracee Ellis Roth.

“My mom is one of the smartest people with just plain old common sense. The thing she always said that I do remember is that, she told me and my brother, ‘I wasn’t raising children. I was raising adults.’”

US President Barack Obama (L), First Lad©GettyImages
Barack, Malia, Michelle, Sasha, and Marian

Michelle Obama’s experiences with motherhood

Over the course of Michelle Obama’s career in office, she has addressed various topics, including motherhood. She’s shared keen insights on the process of raising her daughters Sasha and Malia, and the lessons she learned from her own mother and incorporated into her every day life.

“Being a mother has been a master class in letting go. Try as we might, there’s only so much we can control,” she said to Glamour Magazine. “And, boy, have I tried – especially at first. As mothers, we just don’t want anything or anyone to hurt our babies. But life has other plans. Bruised knees, bumpy roads and broken hearts are part of the deal. What’s both humbled and heartened me is seeing the resiliency of my daughters.”

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