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Jennifer Garner shares her perspective on aging: ‘I am grateful just to be alive’

She reflects on the beauty of watching other women navigate life gracefully

Jennifer Garner, 51, spoke with PEOPLE magazine about her perspective on aging, self-care, and the importance of embracing every stage of life with gratitude. Despite the inevitable moments of reflection on her younger years, Garner expresses appreciation for simply being alive.

“Honestly, mostly, I am grateful just to be alive,” Garner tells the publication, acknowledging the wisdom she has gained over the years. She reflects on the beauty of watching other women navigate life gracefully. “And I’m grateful for the wisdom that I’ve gleaned out of these years and really grateful to be able to watch other women go through this process of life so gracefully,” Garner adds.

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - March 19, 2024©GettyImages

Garner emphasizes the significance of self-care in her routine, highlighting daily workouts as essential for her mental health. “It’s super important for my mental health,” she shares. Alongside exercise, Garner prioritizes nutritious eating habits. “I eat really well. I just finished a big bowl of kale,” she continues. “And I have a really strong family and strong relationships in my life.”

As a mother of three—Violet, 18, Seraphina, 15, and Samuel, 12—Garner acknowledges the importance of allowing oneself to have “down days.” Despite her positive outlook, she is gentle and not forcing constant optimism. “I don’t try to be Pollyanna all the time,” Garner states, advocating for self-compassion and acceptance.

Jennifer Garner has no urge to relive her teenage years

In a 2023 interview while promoting her film “Family Switch,” Garner and her co-star Ed Helms teased the film and whether they’d be into the story’s main premise: parents that switch bodies with their kids.

“You know what? I think my kids work so hard, and they have so much pressure on them that I could never even have imagined as a teenager myself,” said Garner to PEOPLE magazine. “I’ll stay right here in my old lady body, thank you very much.” Garner would prefer to switch places with Ed Helms’ kids. “I’d want to switch places with Ed’s kids,” she said. “I want to be that little one who has a crazy look in her eyes running around in a diaper. Break out the paint and the glitter and go ham on the house.”

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