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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos call their bedtime routine the ‘least sexy’ thing in the world

Ripa and Consuelos are opening up about their bedtime habits.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are shedding a light on their bedtime routine. While the couple has never shied away from their intimacy, in a new episode of “Live with Kelly and Mark,” the couple disclosed some of their nighttime rituals, which involve “nasal magnets” and “hostage tape.”

95th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals©GettyImages
Consuelos and Ripa at the Oscars

Consuelos revealed that, in order to sleep peacefully and avoid loud snoring, he must use “nasal magnets” and tape over his mouth. He argues that using these methods is better for him than using a CPAP machine, since that is not a sexy look for him.

"Yes, because last night was very sexy," said Ripa sarcastically. "We should do a taped piece of us just getting ready for bed. It is — and I don't want to brag — pretty much the least-sexy thing I've ever seen. What's weird is, I'm not kidding, I say this, we used to be fairly..." she said, with Mark interrupting her, “Hot!”

“We were hot for each other, and things looked hotter, and now I’m like, what?” continued Ripa. “You know when you look at your parents and you’re like, I can’t believe they had kids. Now I’m like, oh my gosh, now I understand why our kids are like, I can’t believe they had kids.”

Mark and Kelly have previously discussed his snoring

In a previous episode of “Live with Kelly and Mark,” the couple discussed his snoring, which was the reason why he’s now wearing nasal tape.

"Mark kept me awake all night last night," said Kelly, prompting cheers from the audience and Mark to flex his biceps next to her. "No no, it's not that, it's not what you think," said Kelly, revealing that he was snoring very loudly. "You could not be stopped, so I put a podcast on," she said.

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