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Trinity Rodman discusses her ‘crazy’ reactions when watching her brother compete

Trinity and her brother DJ are both professional athletes.

Maria Loreto
Senior Writer
MARCH 29, 2024 1:07 PM EDT

Trinity Rodman comes from a family of athletes. As the daughter of Basketball player Dennis Rodman, she and her brother DJ grew up surrounded by sports. While Trinity plays soccer and DJ plays basketball, the two share a special bond that comes with competing and seeing each other perform in various sports.

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In a video shared by the official social media account of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT), Trinity is seen discussing her dynamic with her brother and her “crazy” and stressful experiences while watching him play.

The video shows Trinity at one of DJ’s basketball games, where he plays with the USC Trojans. “It’s an emotional roller coaster for sure for me,” she said. “I’m his bigest hype woman, I’m cheering on him, yelling at the ref,” she said with a laugh.

“Having a sibling that close and supporting each other in the little things and competing against each other in the silliest things is so insane to then look at where we are, and still see the little kid relationship that we used to have.”

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 10 Washington State at USC© GettyImages
Trinity Rodman watching her brother play

Trinity and DJ’s close friendship

Trinity has often discussed her relationship with her brother, revealing that he’s one of the most important people in her life. “Happy birthday to my main man, my other half, my rock, my bro bro, my bestfriend,” she wrote in a birthday post shared on Instagram.

“No way you’re 22 dude that’s actually crazy. You’re still my big baby bro tho, I can’t lie. Anyway you’ve grown to be a great person and just so filled with joy, spreading it into whatever room you enter. God has such good plans for you and you deserve the world. I will forever be happy knowing you are by my side. You’re a hero to me always and forever.”