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Willow Smith shares post explaining her new single ‘Symptom of Life’

Earlier this month, Willow released her new single, which was met with acclaim.

Willow Smith has released her new single, “Symptom of Life.” The song came accompanied with a music video, which she also directed, and explores complex topics. She shared some of them in an Instagram post.

The photo is a screenshot of a text related to esotericism, a concept that relates to the secret knowledge that a small group of people hold. “The whole secret of esotericism lies in controlling the mind, and in working with it as an artist would work on a canvas producing whatever he likes,” begins the passage, which only grows more complex.

“When we are able to produce on the canvas of our heart all that we wish, and to erase all we wish, then we arrive at that mastery for which our soul craves. We fulfill the purpose for which we are here. Then we become the masters of our destiny. It is difficult but that is the object that we purse in life.”

Willow’s new release was welcomed and supported by her parents, which drew their followers’ attention to it as soon as it dropped. “Go ‘head, Bean!!” wrote Will Smith in an Instagram post. Her mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, shared a sweet message of her own. “Congrats Willow!! You’ve worked soooo hard to become the artist you’ve always dreamed to be since you were a little girl,” she wrote. “It’s been inspiring and an honor to watch your journey all the way through. I love you.”

Check out Willow’s music video below

Willow introduced the video and dedicated it to “all the beautiful people who have ever gone into nature with their friends & been guided to a deeper understanding of life together by plant medicine.”

“I hope this song and visual can bring catharsis to anyone who experiences them,” She wrote.

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