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Joe Manganiello reveals how he protected his Chihuahua Bubbles in the jungle

Manganiello was shooting his show ‘Deal or No Deal,’ a competition series shot in the jungle.

Joe Manganiello knows he has a big responsibility as a Chihuahua dad. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Manganiello revealed that he was accompanied by his dog Bubbles while he was shooting a reality show “Deal of No Deal.” The competition series was shot in the jungle, which was filled with terrifying animals and occurrences.

“How dare you bring her to the scary jungle?” asked Fallon after showing an adorable photo of Manganiello and Bubbles cuddling. “Were you scared?”

“A little bit,” said Manganiello. He revealed that he became the default animal exterminator on the island, getting rid of scorpions and spiders that scared the crew. He said that before killing the animals, he had a chat with the jungle itself, apologizing, and hoping that the jungle wouldn’t take it out on him by hurting him or Bubbles.

“I know that if I kill something in the jungle, the jungle may retaliate,” he said. “I was like ‘Jungle gods, I’m about to take one of your own. Do not blame me. Do not retaliate on Bubbles. I am a humble Chihuahua dad.’”

Manganiello and his tight bond with Bubbles

Manganiello and Bubbles have an adorable and hilarious relationship. In plenty of interviews, he’s discussed her protectiveness and loyalty, sharing that she doesn’t like when other people approach him.

In an Instagram post, Manganiello shared a photo of himself with Bubbles, showing his devotion for her. The image shows him holdind on to her, as he wears a shirt with Bubbles face printed on it. He also drinks from a Chihuahua mug and has a little Chihuahua statue. “Bubbles-ception,” he captioned it.

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