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What Marcello Hernandez’s mom really thinks about his SNL skit with Pedro Pascal

The Miami comedian discussed what his mom thinks of the fact that Pascal has played her several times.

Marcello Hernandez is one of the best parts of the new cast of Saturday Night Live. As the only Latino in the cast, Hernandez has had some great opportunities to play off of Latino hosts, like Bad Bunny, Ana de Armas, and, very memorably, Pedro Pascal. He and Pascal have devised one of the best character skits in SNL recent history, with Pascal playing the role of Marcello’s protective mother.

In an appearance on The Today Show, Hernandez discussed his work on Saturday Night Live and what his mom thinks of his skit with Pascal. “How does she feel about Pedro Pascal playing your mom twice?” asked one of the hosts. “She has a great sense of humor, thank God,” said Hernandez. “She loves Pedro. She’s a big TV watcher, so she knows about all these people.” After playing a clip of Pascal playing his mother, Hernandez laughed and said, “That’s not what my mom looks like at all. The attitude was there. Pedro did such a good job.”

Hernandez revealed that the idea of the skit was actually Pascal’s. “And it was actually his idea, coming into the show, to do a sketch where he’s my mom and I bring a girl home and he has this attitude. I’m very grateful for Pedro for helping me out there,” he said.

Hernandez’s relationship with Bad Bunny

Hernandez also discussed his relationship with Bad Bunny, with whom he starred on various skits and later on, in one of his music videos. “Shout out to Benito!” said Hernandez. “He’s just so cool and so creative. He takes everything so seriously.” Hernandez also revealed that Benito devised the idea for his music video himself, coming up with the story and all of the major beats.

“Gracias, Benito! Te quiero,” he said.

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