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Arnold Schwarzenegger was stunned by Linda Hamilton’s muscles in ‘Terminator 2’

“I cant believe that son of a bitch is f---ing more cut than me.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new Netflix documentary where he explores some of the most notorious phases of his career. Titled “Arnold,” the documentary features different interviews with some of his collaborators, friends, and family.

In one episode, Schwarzenegger talks about his work in the “Terminator” franchise, and his surprise at Linda Hamilton’s impressive muscles.

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Hamilton and Schwarzenegger on Terminator 2

Schwarzenegger and Hamilton play key roles in the “Terminator” films. When they were about to start shooting part 2, Schwarzenegger hadn’t seen Hamilton in a long time, and was shocked by her muscles. "A few days before we start shooting [director] Jim Cameron says to me, let's all get together and have a nice dinner," he said.

"Linda comes in and then she takes her sweater off and I'm looking at her arms. Veins on the biceps and then the triceps — everything was like a bodybuilder except miniature. I said, 'I cant believe that son of a bitch is f---ing more cut than me,'" said Schwarzenegger with a smile.

Hamilton revealed that she was proud of her hard work and that she remembers feeling like she couldn’t wait to show off her muscles to Schwarzenegger. She shared that while his reaction was lowkey, he taught her how to pose in order to show off her muscles more efficiently.

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