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Lele Pons revealed as Jackalope in ‘The Masked Singer’

She performed Shakira’s “Whenever Wherever,” tricking most judges

Lele Pons was featured in “The Masked Singer,” tricking two of the judges. Pons wore the mask of Jackalope, and performed an accurate rendition of Shakira’s “Whenever, Wherever,” leaving audience members wondering the identity of the performer under the mask.

Prior to the judges submitting the names of who was the performer underneath Jackalope’s mask, the show provided some clues to Pons real identity. “I’m so excited to step into the ring on ‘Sesame Street Night’ because I also love entertaining audiences of all ages. While I’m known to have a lot of influence, you’d be surprised that I wasn’t very social,” said Pons under the mask.

“Talking as a kid wasn’t my jam, so growing up I expressed myself through music and dance. Pretty soon, people all over the world began connecting with me and what I do, because this Jackalope don’t lie. Posting about your problems with millions of strangers may seem crazy, but being vulnerable gives me strength. I’ve created a modern family of fellow outcasts and together we’ve defined an industry. My kind of notoriety has its fair share of trolls, but I’ve learned to have a thick skin in my arena. So my competition better watch out because this bunny’s moves shines brightest on Wednesdays.”

Judges submitted various options as to who was the performer under the mask, throwing in names like Jenna Ortega and Selena Gomez. Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger guessed Pons’ identity correctly.

“We hosted the Teen Choice Awards together!” yelled host Nick Cannon following the reveal. Pons then talked about how she’s been impersonating Shakira since she was little and why she decided to participate on “The Masked Singer.” “I like to do new things. I don’t like to repeat stuff. So I’m here now and I don’t know where I’m gonna be tomorrow. I’m here now and I’m really grateful for this opportunity,” Pons said.

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