Pedro Pascal has a TikTok account but you will not find it. Here’s why

The actor has a good reason to maintain his anonymity, following his viral “daddy” moments.

It seems Pedro Pascal is not completely off the grid as many of his fans thought. The Hollywood star, who used to be very active on Twitter before being catapulted to stardom following his performance in HBO’s The Last of Us, has revealed to Ashley Graham that he has a secret account.

And while the talented actor did not share what he likes to see on his account, we can assume that he might have seen some of the fan-made videos of him and the popular series. Pedro attended the highly anticipated Academy Awards over the weekend and took a moment to talk with Ashley, who was hosting the show from the red carpet.

“People on TikTok love you — do you have a TikTok?,” She asked. “I have…no I don’t,” the actor said while laughing, before admitting, “I have a secret one.” So there you have it, the famous “daddy of the internet,” is aware of the many viral videos from past interviews and red carpet moments that so many online users seem to love, but sadly will not be posting or engaging, as he wants to keep the account secret for now.

However, the actor has a good reason to maintain his anonymity, as he was apparently a little overwhelmed with the recent focus on his viral “daddy” moments, instead of his film projects.

“What’s wrong with people who like an old man like me? I don’t understand. What has happened culturally? Focus on Harry Styles!” the Chilean star said in Spanish during an interview promoting ‘The Mandalorian,’ after being asked about how he felt about being “the new boyfriend of the internet.”

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