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Who is Milena Smit? The Spanish actress in Sebastian Yatra’s ‘Una Noche Sin Pensar’ music video

She is stunning

Sebastian Yatra is dropping a new single tomorrow called “Una Noche Sin Pensar.” It’s the first song he will release after six months, and is coming with a steamy and sensual music video. The Colombian singer has been teasing fans with what’s to come, and he bares it all with Spanish actress, Milena Smit.

Yatra and Smit get intimate in the video, making out passionately, swimming naked, and holding each other close. On Sunday, he shared the cover art by Marta de la Fuente, which is them embracing each other naked. He wrote Smit was the “best partner” for the video.

So who is Smit?

The beauty was born Elisa Milena Smit Márquez on October 5, 1996, in Elche, Spain. Her father is Dutch, and her mother is Spanish.

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She started her career in entertainment as a model when she was 15 and moved to Madrid in search of more opportunities. Before becoming a working actor she was a waitress, shop assistant, babysitter, and information assistant on the subway, per Esquire.

The artist trained as an actress at the Cristina Rota acting school and was taught by Bernard Hiller. The acclaimed acting coach worked with Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz, per Vanity Fair.

She loves tattoos, and Vanity Fair notes she has twenty. She also loves to surf, ski, and snowboard, and is a dancer. The talented star took dance classes after school as a child.

After starring in a few short films, she appeared in her first feature Cross the Line (2020) after being discovered on Instagram. Her work earned her an award for Best New Actress at the Goyo Awards.

From there, her career took off, and she starred in Pedro Almodovar’s film Parallel Mothers with Penélope Cruz and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón. Her work earned her another Goya Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Smit’s recent work is on Netflix’s La chica de la nieve (The Snow Girl) where she plays the lead Miren Rojo. Last week she celebrated the success of the show, which she explained was the most-watched series in the world over the past week in English-speaking and non-English-speaking series. The series hit the Top 10 in 77 countries and sat at Number 1 in 27 countries. Yatra left a comment on the post supporting his new friend writing “Everyone wants a second season,” in Spanish with world emojis.

As for if the actress is single, she is reportedly dating Diego Sanjuan Villanueva.

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