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Salma Hayek & Channing Tatum talk about their ‘Magic Mike 3’ chemistry

“You can’t fabricate it -- you can’t. The camera decides what couples work and not work.”

Salma Hayek and Channing Tatum star in “Magic Mike’s Last Dance,” the last part in the beloved film series. While Tatum is the franchise’s star, Hayek is a newcomer who plays a pivotal role. The two talked about the film and their onscreen chemistry, which is something that Hayek says can’t be fabricated.

"Magic Mike's Last Dance" World Premiere©GettyImages
Hayek at the world premiere of “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”

Hayek and Tatum spoke with ABC News about their new film and how much fun they had when working together. “There was chemistry,” Hayek said. “You can’t fabricate it -- you can’t. The camera decides what couples work and not work.”

“We got really lucky that we just liked each other and like kind of just figure out what to do in this scene, because those scenes, yes, they are incredibly sexy, but also they’re very technical,” Tatum said. “And then once you figure it out, kind of let it go and just like be with each other.”

“Magic Mike’s Last Dance” follows Mike Lane (Tatum), a former stripper who’s now bartending in Florida. There he meets Hayek’s character, a wealthy socialite who convinces him to join her in London in order to put on a stage show.

Tatum also spoke about his close relationship with the films, which were based on his experiences as a male stripper when he was 18 years old. “We didn’t have any intention for these movies to be what they became,” Tatum said. “I just wanted to tell a little small story of like a little tiny experience of my life. And so I don’t know. I don’t really see it as like an ending, I guess really. But I’m definitely not going to be Magic Mike anymore. I can tell that clearly.”

Tatum and Hayek also spoked about their daughters and the possibility of them ever watching “Magic Mike”. “Truth is truth – you can’t hide whatever it is. My daughter’s rad, so it’s not that I’m looking forward to it... definitely not going to be the easiest of conversations. But I think my I think my daughter is cool. Like she’s going to be like, ‘Yeah, this is awkward to watch, but like, this is still cool,’” said Tatum.

In the case of Hayek’s daughter, Valentina, Hayek said that she’d watch it when she’s of an appropriate age. “When it’s the right time, age appropriate, if she wants to see it. Of course I’ll be happy and I’ll be proud for her to see it and she’s super smart, super, super cool and I’m sure she’ll find a lot of interesting questions in it.”

“Magic Mike’s Last Dance” premieres in theaters this February 10th.

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