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Sasha Obama is back in college following her holidays in Hawaii

Obama was spotted at the University of Southern California again.

Sasha Obama is back in school. The 21-year-old was spotted at the campus of the University of Southern California after spending some of her holidays with her family in Hawaii.

Sasha Obama©GrosbyGroup
Sasha Obama in school

Sasha was photographed looking comfortable and sporty, wearing a pink hoodie, some jeans, and some colorful Nike sneakers. She was carrying a green purse and wore headphones over her ears.

Over the past month, Sasha was spotted in Hawaii with her family. She and her sister Malia were spotted handing out blankets and food to people in need near Oahu, the location of their family vacation home. The two were dressed for the occasion, wearing comfortable dresses and skirts, and looked happily tired to have contributed to a cause and had collaborated with others to help those in need.

Sasha Obama©GrosbyGroup
She looked comfy in a hoodie and some jeans

Recently, Michelle Obama has been promoting her most recent book, and has often brought up her children as topics of conversation. When speaking about their kids getting tattoos, Michelle shared that she and Barack Obama used to threaten them and try to make the tattoos look as uncool as possible.

“My generation, tattoos meant something totally different,” she said in an interview with Kelly Clarkson. “We used to threaten our kids. If you get a tattoo, we’re going to get exactly the same kind, and show it on TikTok or whatever,” she said, making the audience laugh. “Take the cool away. We’re going to make it so uncool, Barack Obama is going to have a heart on his shoulder.”

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