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The perfect spicy michelada according to Becky G

What do you put in your michelada?

The michelada is one of the most delicious drinks you can make at home. Some people even believe they have healing properties when you’re hungover. With the New Year around the corner, it’s the perfect drink to host with or order at the bar when you’re feeling a little depleted.

While there are many different ways to make the classic Mexican michelada, today we are going to use the recipe provided by Becky G. So get your list and get ready to impress your friends with her michelada recipe. As the singer said, it’s “perfect for any day, anytime, any season.”


  1. Chill your glass
  2. Add lime on the rim and some sal
  3. Put Clamato Picante “a good amount.” It looked like a good 2-second pour
  4. A “whole half a lime” aka a half lime
  5. Worcester sauce, or “wheres your sister’s sauce?” Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pronounce it. Neither could Becky who asked her new fiance Sebastian Lleget, “babe how do you say this?” A couple of drops, or “un poquitito”
  6. What looks like 5 shakes of tobacco
  7. Becky used a Michelob Ultra Pure gold. (Editors note: You can also use Modelo Negra, Victoria, Corona, or any other Mexican beer.)
  8. Enjoy!

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