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Barack Obama shares Christmas photo of Sasha and Malia

Obama shared a sweet family photo and wished his followers a merry Christmas.

Barack Obama is spending the holidays with his family. He shared a family photo on Instagram, featuring Michelle, Malia and Sasha in their best Holiday outfits and wrote a message for his followers.

The photo shows Sasha, Barack, Michelle and Malia huddled together. While the three women wear gowns of different colors, Barack wears a traditional suit. They are all seen smiling happily for the camera.

“Merry Christmas, everybody! One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting to spend time with the special people in our lives. I hope you all have a wonderful and joyful Christmas,” he captioned the post.

Sasha and Malia’s gowns were stunning, with Sasha opting for darker colors and swirls of burgundy and blue. She wore her hair braided at the front and tied together in the back. Malia opted for lighter colors, wearing a cream colored gown with some yellow details on it. Michelle wore a dark blue gown with red and yellow flowers printed on them.

Michelle Obama shared a sweet Christmas tribute, showing her and Barack as he kisses her cheek.

“From our family to yours, wishing you all a wonderful Christmas filled with happiness, light, and joy! As we get ready to wrap up this year and look to the next, let’s remember to reflect on our blessings and channel them into giving back and being kind to those around us,” she captioned the post.

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