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North West stuns the world by doing Kylie Jenner’s makeup


To celebrate the holidays, Kylie Jenner participated in a time-honored tradition of cool aunts everywhere; letting the kids do her makeup.

The moment was captured in a TikTok led by North West, where she and two of her younger cousins were in charge of doing their aunt’s makeup.


Doing auntie KYLIE make up❤️

♬ Creep - TLC

The video was shared on Kim and North’s account, which was captioned “Doing Auntie Kylie’s makeup,” and had a TLC song as background. The video shows Kylie calmly letting the kids do her make up , including foundation, lipstick, eey shadow, and more. The resutls are pretty impressive.

The video ends with Kylie staring at the phone’s front camera and showing the world her niece’s make up skills.

The account Kim and North has greatly grown over the past few months, with both sharing ample content where they take on video trends, dances, and more. It also features a lot of make up, showing how invested North is in the family business. As of this writing, the account has around 10 million followers and will likely grow significantly.

The Kardashians tend to go all out for the holidays, so you can expect plenty of updates in the coming days. This year, the family decided to provide some aid to people in need and pitching in to “Dinner in the Park”’s initiative, organized by the Union Station Homeless Services.

The family provided the organization with all of the turkeys they needed, 50 gallons of milk, 50 pounds of butter, 450 pies, 150 pounds of produce and herbs, and more, according to Pasadena Now. "The family didn't hesitate to get together to all take part in calling stores in the area to purchase the items needed," said a source to People Magazine, claiming that most family members were in attendance.

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