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Halloween 2022

Joe Manganiello comissions Halloween art for Sofia Vergara

He shared the painting on Instagram, making his followers laugh.

Joe Manganiello is celebrating this Halloween with a family portrait.

The 45 year old actor shared some artwork he comissioned on his Instagram, claiming that it was a gift for his wife Sofia Vergara.

The illustration was made by Abigail Larson, an artist and Netflix animator, and it shows Manganiello and Vergara in a passionate embrace. The two are located in the midst of spooky woods with a full moon behind them, making it seem like a werewolf might jump out at any minute (that’s a “True Blood” reference). Manganiello is shirtless and Vergara wears a long white gown. Bubbles, their adorable chihuahua, sits on the right hand corner of the image.

“BELLA LUNA,” wrote Manganiello. “As Halloween approaches I wanted to share this piece I had commissioned by the amazing @abigail_larson as a gift for Sofia…”

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Manganiello and Vergara at Vanity Fair’s 2020 Oscar Party

Followers were quick to point out Bubbles and her relegation to the corner of the frame. "Bubbles….always here," wrote a follower. "Bubbles demands she be repainted in your arms too,” wrote someone else.

In an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Manganiello shared that he and Bubbles have a deep love for each other, one that Vergara isn’t privy to. “This little head pops out of her lap,” recalled Manganiello of his first meeting with Bubbles. “And squirms and runs over to me. I pick her up and then she’s starts growling at everybody else to get away from us, like this is my man now. That’s it.” Bubbles is now a common sight at awards show, luxurious trips, and more.

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