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Eva Longoria & Becky G talk about being in love with empowering men

Becky G was a guest at Longoria’s podcast, where the two talked about their love lives, their heritage, and their careers.

Becky G was a guest at Connections with Eva Longoria, the podcast hosted by Longoria herself. The audio series is a project made in collaboration with IHeartRadio, where the actress, producer, and director, sits down with another person and looks for that special connection.

In the most recent episode, Becky G was the guest and discussed various topics, among them, her love life.

Becky G is a talented singer and actress that’s become an icon in the US and Latin America. Becky G has made a name for herself by making music and blurring the lines between the English-speaking world and the Spanish one, incorporating different genres and influences into her music. She spoke about her boyfriend, the soccer player Sebastian Lletget, and bonded with Longoria over how important it is to have a partner that empowers you.

“Latina women and women in America in general, for so long we had to depend on the man,” Becky G said. “I have been with my boyfriend for six years and he’s a professional athlete. Sometimes I’m in my masculine energy a lot in my business, but the way he receives that and encourages and supports that is very hard to come by.”

Longoria agreed, and echoed Becky G’s statements, sharing how difficult it is to find a man that completely supports their female partner. “I have never met a man, much less a Mexican man, that really embraced my dreams and told me, ‘You should go do more – be more! Go be your best! Go f*cking rule the world!’ Not, ‘Why do you have to work again? Why are you in Spain for four months?’” said Longoria.

Aside from their love lives, the two discussed Becky G’s career and the interesting position she occupies in making music that basically has no genre and that is listened by people who speak different languages. “I grew up with young parents who played everything... It was 90’s R&B, 90’s Hip Hop, all Spanish music – every genre – not just regional Mexican music,” explained Becky G. “I consider myself now as a genreless artist. I kind of just dabble in everything.”

Connections with Eva Longoria is made in partnership with My Cultura Network. Episodes have been airing since March of this year, featuring guests like Isabel Allende, Gloria Calderon Kellett, and more.

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