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Kate del Castillo exercise routine for the third season of Queen of the South© AlexFit Box

Kate del Castillo shares her fitness routine for the third season of ‘Queen of the South’

Del Castillo’s trainer revealed the exercises that put her in shape for the action packed series.

Maria Loreto
Senior Writer
OCTOBER 11, 2022 6:05 PM EDT

Kate del Castillo is talented and disciplined, something that becomes obvious everytime she graces our screens. Del Castillo is back for the third season of The Queen of the South, returning to the most emblematic role of her career. In order to prepare for it, which this season takes her to Argentina, Colombia and Bolivia, del Castillo trained with AlexFitBox, who designed a program to make her look the part.

Kate del Castillo© AlexFitBox
Kate del Castillo training with AlexFitBox in Bolivia, for the third season of “The Queen of the South”

“We were shooting the series for seven months but I trained all the time. Before that, I was already on a strict diet,” said Kate in an exclusive interview at the red carpet of the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2022, where she served together with Jaime Camil as the officials hosts.

The Queen of the South’s third season premieres October 18 on Telemundo, showing what Teresa Mendoza has been up to since the second season’s conclusion. It picks up right where the story left off, putting an emphasis on Mendoza’s weightloss due to her days in prison. “Mentally, for ‘The Queen of the South,’ it’s a lot of work over a long period of time. It’s also very physically demanding,” she said talking about her prep over the past year. “I start working like a robot, from Monday to Saturday; 12, 13, even 14 hours of work while also training every day. You enter a mood and you’re in it until your body can take it,” she said.

Kate del Castillo shares her fitness routine© AlexFit Box
The Queen of the South’s third season premieres October 18 on Telemundo
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The work wouldn’t have been possible without the support of AlexFitBox, who spoke with HOLA! USA and shared some of the exercises that resulted in Kate’s incredible look.

“The workout routine that we worked on with Kate is a functional routine between body weight, boxing and elements like weights, elastic bands, balls, reference points and unstable surfaces,” he said. AlexFitBox has worked with other celebrities like Clarissa Molina and Gaby Espino. The fitness trainer knows how to work with women who need visible and amazing results. “It’s 50 minutes of nonstop training. The modality with which I work is called “estalle” and it was created by me.”

For the self-proclaimed “king of estalle,” working with Kate was not difficult at all thanks to how available the actress was and how much she enjoyed to exercise. “There was never a challenge in terms of the time of her workout or when to perform since she’s a woman that’s deeply committed to her work, and she knows that in order to be ready for her job she needs to be physically on that same page. That same commitment she has on set she has it while exercising,” said Alex.

The importance of focus while working out

“WIth her, there has never been a problem. She is a very professional woman, very responsible, very committed to her training,” said Alex. And, according to him, the key that people need in order to see the results of their training is the balance between the mind and the body, which Kate has in spades. “The importance of the psychological aspect is fundamental. You need to be mentally relaxed and focused in order to perform well and obtain the results you want out of your training.”

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The mind must be aligned with the body in order to enjoy exercise, otherwise, it can be tedious or boring. “I think that a body that’s physically prepared and a mind that’s focused can conquer any type of workout,” said Alex, who’s originally hails from Colombia.

Kate’s training is apparent in all of AlexFitBox’s videos, which show her working hard and enjoying herself, making for an inspiring sight.