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Gwyneth Paltrow poses nude for her 50th birthday

Paltrow celebrated her birthday with a vulnerable and stunning series of photos.

Gwyneth Paltrow is welcoming a new decade in gold. The actress and businesswoman accompanied the stunning new photos with a message in her Goop newsletter, talking about how happy she was to be reaching this milestone.

The photo shows Paltrow nude, with her side painted in gold. She kept the caption simple, writing “50,” with some star emojis. “All I know is that they’re painting me gold and that I have to be naked,” wrote Paltrow. “I feel so good turning 50, and this is about expressing that sense of energy and optimism that I’m experiencing. It’s more about the female gaze and just a sense of fun.”

Paltrow wrote an emotional article for her birthday, September 27, where she said that she felt as connected to the moment as she did when she was 30 years old. “I understand on some level that life is linear, that I have lived x number of days thus far and I have more in the basket under my arm than I do in the field before me,” she wrote. “But there is something about the sweetness of life that exists deep within me that is unchanged, that will not change. It is the essence of the essence. It seems to be getting sweeter.”

Recently, Brad Pitt shared that Gwyneth Paltrow was one of the inspirations behind his new skincare line. “I love what Gwyneth’s done,“ said Pitt in an interview with Vogue. ”She is still a really dear friend, and she has built this empire. She has always had that in her as a curator, and it’s been a lovely creative outlet for her.“

The two used to date around 25 years ago, with Pitt crediting Paltrow as one of the reasons why started to take care of his skin. “Come to think about it, she was probably the first one who got me to even wash my face twice a day…maybe.”

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