Rosalía "Motomami World Tour" - San Juan, PR

Rosalía interrupts New York concert to address sound issue

Concert goers recorded the moment where she stopped mid-song.

Rosalía is currently on her “Motomami” world tour. She’s had shows in a variety of countries and continents, with concert-goers thrilled with her skilled performance and the show’s simple yet artistic staging.

On this Sunday’s performance in New York, Rosalía paused mid-song to address a sound issue.

The video was recorded at Rosalía’s show in Radio City Music Hall. In the clip, Rosalía is seen and heard performing the opening moments of her hit song “Malamente.” As she starts singing, she abruptly turns towards the sound booth. While she tries to continue the song, something is bothering her. “Wait, wait, wait, wait. What’s going on?” she says, walking towards the right of the stage and leaving the crowd confused. She speaks to the guy behind manning the sound booth and then returns to the stage to perform the song from the start, with her dancers following in sync.

After performing the song, Rosalía addressed the crowd and explained what had occurred. She said that her voice was going “up and down” and that she didn’t want to perform the song wrong for the audience.

Rosalia Motomami Tour - New York©GettyImages
Rosalía in Radio City Music Hall.

Rosalía’s world tour has had dates in countries like Colombia, Chile, Puerto Rico, and Argentina. She recently kicked off her shows in the U.S., where she performed in Boston and New York. Her next stops include Canada, Washington, California, Atlanta, and Miami. Her tour continues until mid-December when she has shows scheduled in France, Portugal, the UK, the Netherlands, and more, showing just how wide her reach is and how many people all over the world listen to her music.

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