Danna Paolo and Rosalía©Danna Paola

Danna Paola and Rosalía have fans begging for a collaboration after meeting up in Mexico

Rosalía has 2 more shows in Mexico

We might see an epic collaboration because fans are begging to hear a Danna Paola and Rosalía on the same track. Paola attended Rosalía’s show Monday night, and she shared a gallery of photos and videos on her Instagram. “My motomami takes the heart of all Mexico, you are light my friend, what a pleasure to see you shine with that energy and enjoy your art, how nice to hug you x end!” She captioned the pic in Spanish, adding, “Rosalía SISTER YOU ARE ALREADY MEXICAN.”

The Spanish singer reciprocated the love in the comments writing, “I adore you my friend thanks for being there today I left with my heart so full of love.”

Along with Rosalía’s comment are hundreds of others praising the “queens” and asking for a collaboration. “A collaboration from you two and I can die in peace,” wrote one fan. “I DEMAND A COLLAB,” another added.

Paola seemed to be very inspired by her friend. “Pure art and a soul that shines beautifully, such a great friend, Mexico loves you very much,” she wrote in her story with a video of her performance.

Rosalia©Danna Paola

More backstage footage of the singers was posted to Twitter showing Paola and Rosalía hugging several times. The Mexican singer also introduced her to her boyfriend Alex Hoyer.

Of course it’s not the first time Paola has cheered on the “La Fama” singer. Back in March she even dedicated a photoshoot to her “Motamami” album. “TODES SOM MOTOMAMIS baby congratulations on this great album,” she wrote in the caption.


Rosalía is currently on her Mexican leg of her Latin American tour that kicked off at the National Auditorium in Mexico City Sunday night. “I want you to know that I am very excited to perform here in Mexico City,” she told the crowd while holding an electric guitar.

“It’s very hard for me to come here and play here for the first time,” she continued. “You have my heart stolen because you have received me in this way, we are all very happy to play for you.”

Unforatenuly it might take some time before we hear the singers on a track as they are both super busy. Rosalía’s Motomami Tour has two more nights in Mexico before she flies to Brazil to continue her Latin American tour which ends in September in the Dominica Republic. She will then take the show to the United States, then Europe, with her tour ending in December 2022. Paola recently announced her XT4S1S Tour in Mexico, with U.S. dates to be announced soon.

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