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Camila Coelho reveals she has a night nurse for her newborn to avoid triggering her epilepsy

The 34-year-old beauty content creator and her husband Icaro had their first son, Kai, on Friday, August 5

Camila Coelho gave birth recently, and she and her husband are still surprised to have the possibility of welcoming their baby boy against all the odds. The 34-year-old beauty content creator and her husband Icaro had their first son, Kai, on Friday, August 5.

Coelho told People she’s “still pinching myself,” especially since she was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 9. “It’s something I dreamed of for so long,” she says of becoming a mom. “I’m exhausted, but I’ve never been so happy.”

Camila Coelho©Camila Coelho

Despite being 24 hours in labor and a cesarean section, Coelho told the publication she is “so grateful” that her son was born “healthy and we had no complications.”

“I went through a lot with the labor, but seeing him and his little face, everything was so worth it,” she adds.

Camila has been on medication for her epilepsy for more than 20 years; therefore, she was “concerned and scared” to breastfeed. “Taking the medicine out wouldn’t be smart because lack of sleep and tiredness is what triggers epilepsy the most,” she explains.

Because of her condition, “sleep is the priority,” she had to hire a night nurse to aid and avoid a seizure that put her and the baby at risk. ”It’s been great, really helpful,“ she says of the nurse. ”And then during the day, every morning, it’s me and my husband; we do everything.“

In 2021, Camila said that she needed to plan to get pregnant with the help of her doctors to avoid congenital disabilities. “I’ve always dreamt about being a mom and having kids,” she told Women’s Health. “I’ve known since I was young that I would have to plan it and work with doctors because anti-seizure medicine can add risks to pregnancy, like potentially causing birth defects.”

“I never took the birth control pill because the epilepsy drugs can take away some of the effectiveness of the contraceptive, so I imagined that I would get pregnant in the same month as the baby plan was started,” she told Vogue Brazil in 2022. According to Camila when she saw her positive pregnancy test she ”couldn’t cry because I was in shock.”

In April 2022, the Elaluz founder, she is 23 weeks pregnant. “DREAMS DO COME TRUE!” Coelho wrote alongside her maternity photo. “It has truly been the happiest 23 weeks of my life. After a sensitive journey, with so much fear and many frustrations due to my epilepsy, God has blessed us with the most special gift in life, the one we have dreamed of the most - OUR BABY!!! I’m so happy to now share it with you guys!”

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